Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Season Joys

So Thanksgiving was this past weekend and it was awesome! I did my first turkey ever and made my first pies. It feels like a 'Right of Passage' to be hosting these events in my home and I am over-joyed. Anyone who knows me knows that I adore hosting events and cooking. Thankfully God blessed me with a husband who feels the same way about entertaining!

The girls had the whole week off and Bryan and I had Thursday - Sunday off. Surprisingly, these days went by slower and were more fulfilling than the five days off I had over my birthday weekend which were crazy with stuff for the girls.

Here is my turkey which was soaked in a buttermilk brine overnight and then slow-roasted and oh so yummy!!!

My pumpkin pie with homemade crust. It was the winner of the two pies. The recipe I followed was delish and the zinger was an added touch of cognac. MMMMmmmmm . . . . .

And here is the pecan pie. I love pecan pie and it was great, but most loved the pumpkin better. It was funny because my mom was worried how the pie would stay together out of the pie dish, but it did great!

And these cute little things are Turkey cake pops. Bryan found this neat blog called Bakerella and she is amazing. These cake pops ended up being the hit of Thanksgiving for the kids. I couldn't bring myself to eat one knowing how sweet they were.

I hope y'all had as wonderful of a Thanksgiving and I cannot wait to share Christmas with you!

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