Saturday, October 27, 2007

Recent updates - Long!

So let me catch you up on Thistle - the baby bunny.
Here is an updated picture although he/she has grown quite a bit since these were taken.

Then, as I mentioned in the previous post we went to San Francisco to run a marathon.
Here are some photos with explanations on top.
This photo is me outside our hotel. We are getting ready to go spend the day being a tourist.

Here is the tent where we picked up our running packets

Bryan and I on the Fisherman's Wharf

Street Performers: Bboys

Final preparations going on Saturday night

The shoes that will run the marathon - you can see the timing chip attached to one of our shoes.

The Tiffany Box we got when we crossed the finish line - we each got one
Me and Bryan in my Mom's front yard showing off our 'Finisher' shirts that we got at the finish line

Friday, October 19, 2007

Time to go . . .

Today we leave for our trip to San Francisco to run the marathon . . . aack!
I was thinking of a funny story this morning and thought I'd share before I go:
On Sunday we were preparing to go somewhere (I don't remember where) and Zoe was dawdling as Zoe does and Bryan fussed at her "Zoe get your a*s in the car". He walks off towards the door.

Tobi walks up to Zoe and repeats, "Zoe, get your a*s in the car". "Tobi!!!!" I say, "don't repeat your father!!!!" It was a riot, she said it as simply as she would 'can I have some milk please'.

More later!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Creative Husband and Baby Bunny Thistle Pics

Okay, so I have a very creative husband. He whittles (yes actually whittles wood), paints, sculpts, wood works, crochets & knits (yes, really - and he's very, very good!). So last week his project was a Halloween Calendar for the girls.

Oh, and Zoe spilled her cup on her (it was not another kind of accident ;} ). The other shadow at the bottom is Bryan's head.

And while I was feeding the rabbits, Dandelion seemed to be in a good mood, so I got some pics of the bunny, Thistle . . . who we thought would be grey, but it turns out that it (we still have no idea if it's male or female) will look just like dad, Fiver.

UBER CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! Look at it's tiny tail . . . "couldn't you just die" (you know the movie)

My sick girl . . .

Poor Zoe started feeling bad on Monday, but kids have superhuman abilities to feel bad one day and be completely fine the next day. Of course the opposite of that is true as well - feel fine one day and be terrible the next.
She sweats so bad - with the blanket on or off . . . but if she takes it off she shivers. And pup-pup would not leave her side today. Boston Terriers are supposed to be really good at reading their owner's needs.

Update on baby bunny . . .

So far 'Thistle' seems to be doing well.
I will take a picture as soon as I think mamma bunny won't be too scared.
It's been so hot for the poor bunnies.
We've been taking frozen water out for them to lay around like an air conditioner.
They like it.
They bring the baby out of its corner to get some cool air too.
Although I must say Bryan did a good job of building it so the hot air escapes . . . and we placed it where the breeze goes right through.
Pup-pup is doing awesome - she's so cute! Already her ears are standing up - I was hoping they would stay flopped over.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

So very sad . . .

Today when Bryan got home from work, the bunny in the picture that I posted yesterday was dead. He was just getting his coat and hopping so cute.
Then I went out tonight and another little one was dead - this one was in the hutch.

We found one other kit (that's what babies are called). This one looks healthier than the other two combined. And it's bigger.

I only hope that because I had to go inside the hutch to get the one dead kit that Dandelion won't reject the one that is left.

I cannot begin to say how sad I am . . . and I cannot imagine how sad Dandelion is.
I love rabbits so much and really respect that they are not cuddly animals. I hope this last little one makes it.

It looks like it will be a dark grey bunny based on the fur that it has so far.
I think we will call it - Thistle - if it makes it . . . another name from "Watership Down".

Tami :(

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bun Buns and Pup Pup

In the last post I showed our new rabbits - Fiver and Dandelion.
Well, now we have baby bunnies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And mama already has one outside.
I did my best to get a pic of it (if you make the picture bigger you will see it better)
I think it's a boy and he has a very cute wobbly hop:

And we got a PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meet Belle or as we call her "pup-pup"

You can see that she is very stressed out here!