Friday, August 14, 2009

Divine Intervention . . . . truly!!!!

A week ago I volunteered to go to part-time at work. That is so crazy because we need my paycheck to live on. There was no hesitation - not because I don't like my job, because I do like my job a lot. I have to think I volunteered because this is where God wants me to be.

Then, as soon as I got home I started looking at going back to school. I do not even know where I got the idea to look at school. I have wanted to go back for years but it never was the time. The idea was just there . . . . . .

This whole last week seems like such a blur because it has all happened so fast.

I applied, got accepted, took a placement test, and registered for classes this week. What, what what!!!!! Well I have to believe this is where God wants me to be - it is all too perfect. Really the whole thing is a blur to me.

So as I was sitting here this week look at the class catalog the only word I seemed to be able to see was kinesiology. I have never once considered this as a possible major, but again the idea was just there slapping me in the face. So, I have chosen biology as a major with a focus in kinesiology. Everyone who knows me knows that fitness is hugely important to me and this will just help me further use this passion.

I did well on my placement tests except for beginning algebra - but who knows what 1/3x over 2/5y equals for z and how to get all of the letters on one side - certainly not me.

Oh well, I am super excited and cannot wait - only a week more till classes start, ack!!!!
I am thinking I should also go ahead and get me some glasses so I can see the screen projector or chalk board or whatever!

Love to all - Tuleea Seemba "easy lion"