Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009


We started with Christmas Eve at my Mom's house. We had wine and chili and tamales and sat around and enjoyed each other! It was perfect. Austin Grandpa and Helen joined us Christmas Eve since they would not be in town on Christmas Day

I took the photos with my iPhone, so they are not great :)

Mom and Coco intently listening to Bryan stories

Bryan and Zac

My two very precious girls


I got up at 2:30 to help Santa deliver the presents and make sure everything was labeled correctly. Just as I was getting ready to go back to bed I got a call that my neighbor's mother had just passed away.
Then the girls came running down the stairs to see if Santa had come.

Tobi first - she ran right past me straight to the tree and in her little sleepy voice said "He came!"

Next thing I know, Zoe is coming down the stairs asking if Santa came. I told her to look around and tell me. She went straight for the stockings and confirmed that he did show up.

At this point there was no talking them in to going back to bed so I let them start opening their gifts from Santa:

Then they got to trade gifts with each other - they were very excited about this part!

Tobi got Zoe an online Pet Shop stuffed animal and Zoe got Tobi a super soft blanket.

Then the girls went to wake up Daddy to open the rest of the presents - he was not happy!!!!
But, he did like his presents!

The girls each got one present - just what they asked for!

Zoe got a talking vanity:

And Tobi got a horse she can sit on:

After we opened presents we got dressed and went to my parent's house again for Christmas Brunch and presents - it was super yummy food and really good fun :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Signs of the Season

This past spring we planted a baby Bradford Pear and then had one of the hottest summers ever. We struggled all summer with making sure he got enough water to survive. Well he made it and now after our first freeze he has turned the most beautiful shades of orange.

My husband is a crafty guy! I love watching him create. Here are a few things he has done over the past couple of years. Our collection gets bigger every year. If you go back to my December post in the beginning of the blog you will see where he built the reindeer.

First up, a wreath he made for the front door:

Next up is this beautiful, amazing sled he created this year. He built the whole thing himself and then painted it - this picture does not do it justice - it really is spectacular!!!!

The scene on the back of the sled:

Here are the first two reindeer that sit in front of the sled. I'll have to ask Bryan their names:

The next two:

The two after that:

We seem to be missing one here - he must be in "Santa's workshop" for repairs:

And finally, at the front of the team is, of course, Rudolph:

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We celebrated at my mom's house this year. My grandfather and his new wife, me and Bryan and the girls, Amber, and Mom and Jerry were all there. Mom did all of the cooking and everything was great :)

The girls in front of the two roasters.

Amber, Mom, and me

Me and Mom

Our table :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween 2009

What a day! Halloween day that is . . . I had to go in to work to help my mom fix up her house and then came home to get the girls and dogs ready to go trick-or-treating:
Zoe was a water fairy and Tobi was "Jessie" from Toy Story

Brownie used Jas's bumble bee costume (that Jas hates wearing) and of course Belle was the queen. I got Jas a t-shirt to wear instead of a costume. Unfortunately we couldn't keep Brownie in her collar so we ended up having to leave the pup-pups at home.

I told Bryan that Zac wanted to trick-or-treat (and I was right) so we put Zac in Bryan's old army jacket :) They all had a great time.
Then we all came back to our block and our neighbors had a party for us!

First Day of School

Here are the girls on the first day of their new school:

They started at Olympia Elementary. Bryan and I had a lot of trepidation about this new school but so far we are impressed! The school keeps getting exemplary awards!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Divine Intervention . . . . truly!!!!

A week ago I volunteered to go to part-time at work. That is so crazy because we need my paycheck to live on. There was no hesitation - not because I don't like my job, because I do like my job a lot. I have to think I volunteered because this is where God wants me to be.

Then, as soon as I got home I started looking at going back to school. I do not even know where I got the idea to look at school. I have wanted to go back for years but it never was the time. The idea was just there . . . . . .

This whole last week seems like such a blur because it has all happened so fast.

I applied, got accepted, took a placement test, and registered for classes this week. What, what what!!!!! Well I have to believe this is where God wants me to be - it is all too perfect. Really the whole thing is a blur to me.

So as I was sitting here this week look at the class catalog the only word I seemed to be able to see was kinesiology. I have never once considered this as a possible major, but again the idea was just there slapping me in the face. So, I have chosen biology as a major with a focus in kinesiology. Everyone who knows me knows that fitness is hugely important to me and this will just help me further use this passion.

I did well on my placement tests except for beginning algebra - but who knows what 1/3x over 2/5y equals for z and how to get all of the letters on one side - certainly not me.

Oh well, I am super excited and cannot wait - only a week more till classes start, ack!!!!
I am thinking I should also go ahead and get me some glasses so I can see the screen projector or chalk board or whatever!

Love to all - Tuleea Seemba "easy lion"

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hiatus to 6th power

6 months to update - are you kidding me?

Facebook has just about ruined this blog for me . . . it's so easy to post one or two things a day there . . although I am finding that I do not care so much for posting anything at all. I do not mind putting the info out there but I do not like it being used against me. I feel like it is an online cell phone and that you are expected to be reachable 24/7 and I just do not live my life like that. I do not usually keep my phone or my computer on or with me during the weekends and my evenings are mine for me and my family . . .

I don't know . . . I am going re-evaluate the whole Facebook and blog issue over the coming weeks and I will either continue with one or the other or neither. Definitely one is going away . . .

Here are some recent updates on our family:

I am lamenting that I have been so stressed that we have almost stopped taking pictures. These past 6 months are gone, never to return, and I have very few pictures to help with my memory - this is definitely going to change.

Here is the girls doing various homework during the spring - should I worry about Zoe's study habits?

Tobi during her spring soccer season - what a rockstar - running in sunglasses - she's ready for the pros!
And my little girlie girl sitting under the umbrella watching the game

Tobi on her field trip that almost didn't happen because of the swine flu pandemic

Zoe's dino parade - she was (are you ready for this?) Hannah Montana Pterodactyl

Bryan's 40th Birthday Party at McAllister Park - lots of fun! Unfortunately I think he was on camera detail and we didn't get one of him . . . really tami? really? bad tami . . .

an afternoon swimming at my mom's house

a new dog - belle and jas are not too sure about Brownie but she is so cute!

Memorial Day fishing trip with dad and friends / I was scrapbooking

Tobi singing in church

Zoe's dance recital - look at that arabesque!

Tobi with her Kinder teacher at Kinder graduation

So I guess this brings us up to speed!
. . . . for now . . . .
. . . . until I get back in to the habit of taking pictures . . . .
if Easter or anything else happened this year, like Tobi's birthday I have no idea where those photos are . . . very sad . . . .