Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ouch . . .

Wow! Has it really been since August since I last uploaded???? Jeez . . . sorry about that, I think about updating all of the time.

Well here goes: I am going to format this post from the bottom up (so the top will be the most recent and the bottom of this post will be closer to august time frame)

HALLOWEEN: Cheerleader and The Rockstar!!!

Belle - she will see her subjects once we get her a throne.

BZZZZZ . . . Jas is not impressed with her costume!

Tobi - soccer star extraordinaire

and waiting for someone to do something so she can guard the goal!

This is them being silly on their first spirit day - they are so cute but I cannot believe how grown up they are looking!

The girls are such loons. Here is a cute picture of them hanging out one Saturday morning while I am getting dressed.


AutumnLynn said...

OMG!! I can't believe how big they've gotten!! Zoe is such a rockstar fits her!! I miss ya'll sooooo much!!! Love you!

Robyn said...

I found you! I love the photos of the girls. You really have adorable children! Thank you again for your help with the cards, I think I will be making more - so stay tuned!! I hope you are feeling better, you didn't look so good today. :(