Monday, December 1, 2008

A year later . . .

One year ago in October I ran my first full marathon - the Nike Women's Marathon held in San Francisco. I was kind of stupid about the whole process because I was not technically in the place physically were they recommend training for a marathon. I was not running consistently and did not have a base of mileage set up. I had not run anything more than some 5K's spread out over a couple of years and threw myself and Bryan headfirst into Marathon training. Needless to say the marathon was not an easy one . . . but I finished and the whole experience was an amazing one!!!
Here is my finisher shirt and Tiffany box and bag from 2007.
Well this past October I ran my first half-marathon. It was the Nike+ Women's Half Marathon. It is considered a virtual marathon - let me explain:

Nike+ is a website that is dedicated to runners. What you have to do is buy a little chip thingie (technical term) that goes in your shoes and connects either to a special watch or to your Ipod Nano (I have the Nano). As I run the chip sends my information (speed, distance, calories burned, etc.) to my Ipod. Then you plug your Ipod in to your computer when you do and it uploads all of your information automatically to . . . which saves all of my information about my runs and lets me do challenges they post, see my progress, etc.
The white square on the bottom of my I-pod is what receives the information from the sensor - which is the orange and white oval beneath my I-pod. The lime green thing on my shoelaces is what I put the sensor in. If you have Nike shoes like in the picture. The orange sensor will actually fit underneath the sole of the shoe. But since I switch my shoes out with a non-Nike pair I just leave my sensor in that little pouch.

Some of the challneges the Nike+ website posts are fun to participate in. One of them was called "The Human Race". It was held on August 31 and all you had to do was run a 10k (6.2 miles) that day to be a part of 'the human race' which was a day designated for the whole world to run. It was awesome to know that I am part of it!!!

So back to the marathon - posted the challenge of the Nike+ Half Marathon "run where you are". So all I had to do was to run 13.1 miles within 24 hours on October 19 and I could do it at home or I could do it at a location that Nike had set up. I chose to go to Austin (there was not one in San Antonio) and my Grandpa was kind enough to let us stay with him the night before.

All in all the race was pretty good except . . . the first 4 miles were on gravel - I don't train on gravel so my feet were killing me from scrunching up my toes. Then I kept having to stop to go to the bathroom and at one of the stops I left my map. Then the last marker I saw was at mile 11 and I got lost. I ended up having to call Bryan to come get me because I was done with my 13 miles and still 3 or 4 miles from the store. I missed all but the first of the aid stations (water) so I was completely dehydrated and my jaw barely worked from being so dehydrated. I ended up walking in to a convenience store begging for a cup of ice water and the phone. The guy was so nice. I called Bryan and here was our conversation:

T: Can you come get me - I'm lost
B: How are you lost?
T: It doesn't matter but I am. Will you please come get me?
B: Where are you
T: I'm at such and such corner
B: Okay, I'll be there in a minute
. . . . . wait, wait, wait . . . <45>
T: Hi, I am not a crazy person but got lost running. I'm not from Austin. Can I borrow your cell phone
Random Couple: Sure
T: Thanks so much
. . . no answer . . .
T: Thanks for letting me try
. . . wait, wait, wait . . . <10> Random couple walks past me again and offers phone again
T: Thanks so much
B: (answers this time) where the hell are you
T: I'm standing on the street at such and such corner. Where are you?
B: I can't find you
T: How can you not find me - I'm right here
B: I'll be there when I get there

. . . a few minutes later . . . bryan peels in to the driveway next to where I am standing. He got lost but has a funny story to tell which is good because I need one at that point, I'm close to tears.

When he told the girls that I was lost Zoe apparently turned to Tobi and said "Well, I guess we don't have a mommy anymore . . ." No love lost there at all. Geez, that Zoe.

Then, we got lost trying to get back to the store but we finally made it and I got my Tiffany keychain and my shirt came in the mail the week of November 17. (I'll post a picture of the keychain as soon as I find it - I swear it's sat in the same place since October and now isn't there).
Was it all worth it - you betcha!!!!

And I'm hoping to do another 1/2 marathon in February in Austin again no less!!!

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