Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School!!! (and my new schedule)

So today was Tobi and Zoe's first day of school.

My amazing Zoe started preschool today. She has a different teacher than Tobi did last year but she seems really nice and we are excited about what is to come this year. The great thing is that Zoe is with a lot of her friends.

My beautiful Tobi started Kindergarten today. Yes, Kindergarten - I cannot believe it either. She did so well and I really like her teacher.

With the girls starting school I have been able to change my schedule to 8am - 5pm with a break - which I love.
After I left work and picked up the girls we went to Carrino's for dinner. On Monday nights, Carrino's has a special where the whole family can eat for the price of one entree. It was a great deal and an awesome dinner to celebrate this school year.

We are really excited about all of the fun things we will learn this year. Here are a couple of cute quotes from the girls from today:

Tobi: "Why are we waking up when it is still nighttime?" (referring to waking up at 6am while it's dark outside)

Zoe: "I wanted a tray for lunch" (referring to the lunch I made for her - apparently it was not her favorite!)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Here are some things I have been working on over the past couple of months. Sorry the pictures are not that great - I'm still trying to figure out the lighting in the craft room w/ the flash:

A few of my Favorite Things . . .

Here are some links to a few of my favorite things that I've mentioned to some of y'all about posting:

Crafts: -they have so many amazing things - I keep hoping I'll win the lottery that I don't play so I can buy everything I want ;) - amazing ideas and products that i've just started buying but have been looking at since they started - cute bellas, love them!

Fitness: - my favorite marathon is Nike Women's Marathon. They give you Tiffany & Co. products - what girl wouldn't like them. This year I am doing a satellite 1/2 marathon in Austin. - my favorite workout DVD's are here - this woman is a powerhouse and I love to do her DVD's. She has a new set, STS, that is coming out soon - I cannot wait.

Getting Ready for School

So in just one week the girls will be back in school.

Zoe is starting Pre-K. She chose this "Pet Shop" backpack (which the whole shopping trip was a riot) because it had a wallet attached to it. The only thing we have left to get her is a pillowcase for her pillow and a blanket.

Here is Tobi's set of supplies. There is a lot of stuff crammed in to that pencil box!!! I cannot believe she is in Kindergarten.

Here is what there spirit shirt looks like. The each have a t-shirt and a sweatshirt.

Our coast trip . . .

Our neighbors were generous enough to offer us their beach house for part of the week they had rented it. Here are some pictures from our trip. Some of them are foggy, because it was that way at the beach. It rained a lot due to a tropical storm in the gulf.
The house we stayed in was the one on the middle right closest to the bridge

Bryan and the girls on the porch - chillin' with some coffee
bryan has the coffee - not the girls :) and here is the girls being silly

The view from our front porch - I think I will frame this one!

Tobi striking a pose. The next one was me sitting with Zoe and she wanted to hold my hand. Cherished moments.

Rainy Day fun! We painted their faces and made seashell jewelry boxes!

Doughnut breakfast while mom and dad packed the car - Got milk?

The girls picked some "Cot-Ton" (that's how Zoe says it) on the way home from the beach.