Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Moving right along . . .

Ummm . . . . does anyone know where this year went?
This is officially the fastest year of my life.
So what's coming up this week:
  • Thanksgiving - my FAVORITE holiday
  • My 5 Year Anniversary to my favorite hubby (ok, I only have one, good thing he's my fave)
  • 4 days off in a row! Sweet bliss . . . this means setting up Christmas decor, baking with my girls, and of course Stamping!!!!!
  • And there is a cool front that is supposed to be coming in . . . we may actually get to enjoy some hot cocoa here - yay!
Here are some recent projects:
Now 14 days ago our newest bunnies looked like this:
Today, they look like this:
From Left to Right, let me introduce you to
Acorn, Pipkin, Willow (very small brown blob between Pipkin & Thistle), Thistle (the teenager)
and in the back is Mama Dandelion.
They are so cute. I've been more active in holding these guys so they are pretty friendly already with us. Thistle is still pretty skiddish, but getting better.
Acorn is the darker medium sized bunny. This one is a complete snuggly bunny.
Pipkin is our little chunkers. He is quite a bit larger than the other two.
Willow is the tiniest and oh so sweet.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Recent Projects

I created this blog for two reasons:
  1. I'm a night owl and cannot talk to my family at 1am, so I blog so they can see what kind of craziness I've gotten myself in to.
  2. The other reason is so my friends that have relocated can check out the projects I've been doing.

Well, I've been doing projects, but have not uploaded them recently so here we go:

These are pics of mine and Bryan's craft room. The picture on the top shows the view as you come up our stairs. I sit on the right and have everything I need right around me. Bryan sits on the left to do his stuff and has easy access to the fridge. The picture on the top shows the shelves that are just behind and above my head. I am going to re-cover those magazine and card boxes to match the colors/fabric I have for the room. I'll post more pics once I hang the shade for the window. I love the paint color, it's Ralph Lauren's Evocative Sunlight. Bryan routed my shelves to have a pretty edge on them and then I painted them a pretty cream color that matches the cream in our dining room. The fabric that I've chosen for this room will include the bird fabric from the dining room also. So hopefully by the end the whole house will coordinate, even our craft room! We have a TV in the middle of our tables so we can suffer through each other's movies. And then across then end we have a spare table for our girls which right now has the laptop and the Cricut on there.

Amuse has these neat cards that are one layer but two tones. I wanted to copy those cards, so this is what I came up with.

I used one of my favorite sets for this card, Carte Postale. I was going for simple and elegant.

For this card, I used 'Dryabella' from Stamping Bellas. They have such cute stuff. I had to buy this one because of how much Bryan laughs at me for how long it takes me to dry my hair.

My birthday week . . .

November is without a doubt my favorite month:
  • In South Texas it's the first time that it starts to get chilly,
  • My birthday is the 14th of the month (this Wednesday)
  • Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday
  • My anniversary is the 23rd of the month and I adore my hubby
  • My nephew's birthday is also the 23rd of the month

the list goes on really, but it is my favorite month! I just wish we weren't going to hit 90 degrees on my birthday . . . aren't we supposed to be in the Fall season right now?????

Oh well, I'll be posting some projects later tonight that I've been working on. I used an older camera of ours and the memory stick does not fit into the laptop.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New pics!!!!

Dandelion had the new bunnies out in the open tonight - still in their nest but uncovered.
There are 3 of them!
The one towards the top of the picture has it's head facing left on top of the middle bunny and then towards the bottom right you can make out the ear of the 3rd one.

Also, Bryan - the brave soul that he is took the girls and Zac camping this past weekend while I hosted people in our home. Here's a cute photo:

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

So busy . . .

I don't have much time, but I wanted to share our good news . . . we have more baby bunnies

Thursday, November 1, 2007


The girls looked so cute tonight for Halloween. Our neighborhood is so friendly too - I guess because we are all so new here.

Here are some photos:

Cupcakes I baked for Zoe's class
For Tobi's I made Halloween treat bags, but I don't have a picture - I forgot to take one

The girls painted some pumpkins for our front porch

Here's an up-close shot of their pretty faces - Aren't they Gorgeous!!!

Here are my cuties all decked out ready to go!
Isn't Zoe the cutest cat ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bryan sewed those bags right before we left so the girls would not have to use shopping bags.
How adorable is he!!!!