Thursday, March 20, 2008


Tobi is 5!!!!
I cannot believe it!!!

She asked for a cowgirl party, so that is what we gave her. I will add in pics of all of the accessories & invitations for her party later, but here are some of the details and the party pictures.
I made the invitations using Stampin' Up! pretty in pink and close to cocoa. I also used the berry bliss double sided paper. Here is Zoe with the animals.

Then I used my Cricut Expression to create the banner you see in this photo.

I ordered the goody bag supplies from Oriental Trading company. I ordered coin bubblegum, little horses, cowboy notepads, and branding tattoos and wrapped them up in bandannas. I also stamped the table cloths using the same stamp set I used for the invitations. And Bryan made a cake.

For entertainment I heard of this lady who does pony parties. She brought out chickens, a mini Brahma bull, ducks, and a pony. Since the party was for a girl, she put glitter in her tail and a bow. Tobi was completely surprised and loved every minute of. This lady also did 'arm painting'.

The party was a complete success - we think. The children loved the animals, Tobi loved having her friends over to finally see her room. She was very excited and got great presents.

I will post the thank you notes too, once I take a picture.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A tough couple of weeks . . .

This past Saturday we celebrated Tobi's 5th birthday party.
She had a cowgirl party.
Here's one picture - I'll post more tomorrow.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ah Springtime . . .

Today we were at the nursery getting some flowers to plant in our front yard. I was inside paying and Bryan and the girls were outside waiting for me. Next thing I know Bryan comes storming inside with Tobi crying. Poor Tobi was stung by a bee on the top lip.