Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School!!! (and my new schedule)

So today was Tobi and Zoe's first day of school.

My amazing Zoe started preschool today. She has a different teacher than Tobi did last year but she seems really nice and we are excited about what is to come this year. The great thing is that Zoe is with a lot of her friends.

My beautiful Tobi started Kindergarten today. Yes, Kindergarten - I cannot believe it either. She did so well and I really like her teacher.

With the girls starting school I have been able to change my schedule to 8am - 5pm with a break - which I love.
After I left work and picked up the girls we went to Carrino's for dinner. On Monday nights, Carrino's has a special where the whole family can eat for the price of one entree. It was a great deal and an awesome dinner to celebrate this school year.

We are really excited about all of the fun things we will learn this year. Here are a couple of cute quotes from the girls from today:

Tobi: "Why are we waking up when it is still nighttime?" (referring to waking up at 6am while it's dark outside)

Zoe: "I wanted a tray for lunch" (referring to the lunch I made for her - apparently it was not her favorite!)

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The Brown Family said...

So cute on their first day... hope the earlier schedule is getting easier for all! thanks for sharing your blog! Megan Brown (carter and addison's mom!)