Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our coast trip . . .

Our neighbors were generous enough to offer us their beach house for part of the week they had rented it. Here are some pictures from our trip. Some of them are foggy, because it was that way at the beach. It rained a lot due to a tropical storm in the gulf.
The house we stayed in was the one on the middle right closest to the bridge

Bryan and the girls on the porch - chillin' with some coffee
bryan has the coffee - not the girls :) and here is the girls being silly

The view from our front porch - I think I will frame this one!

Tobi striking a pose. The next one was me sitting with Zoe and she wanted to hold my hand. Cherished moments.

Rainy Day fun! We painted their faces and made seashell jewelry boxes!

Doughnut breakfast while mom and dad packed the car - Got milk?

The girls picked some "Cot-Ton" (that's how Zoe says it) on the way home from the beach.


Anonymous said...

Cherished moments ~ Frozen in time ~ Memories for a lifetime.

What a great time!!!

love ya,

Anonymous said...

Truly beautiful.

Cherished moments ~ Frozen in time

Always a memory for ever sublime.

What a GREAT TIME !!

love ya,