Thursday, November 1, 2007


The girls looked so cute tonight for Halloween. Our neighborhood is so friendly too - I guess because we are all so new here.

Here are some photos:

Cupcakes I baked for Zoe's class
For Tobi's I made Halloween treat bags, but I don't have a picture - I forgot to take one

The girls painted some pumpkins for our front porch

Here's an up-close shot of their pretty faces - Aren't they Gorgeous!!!

Here are my cuties all decked out ready to go!
Isn't Zoe the cutest cat ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bryan sewed those bags right before we left so the girls would not have to use shopping bags.
How adorable is he!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great blog, Tami! The girls look so cute with their pumpkins and the treats look yummy! I'm sure they had a blast! ;)

AutumnLynn said...

I can't believe how much older Zoe looks now! Tobi is looking older too! They're growing up soooo fast. Zoe does make the cutest cat! Tobi is still such a princess.