Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Moving right along . . .

Ummm . . . . does anyone know where this year went?
This is officially the fastest year of my life.
So what's coming up this week:
  • Thanksgiving - my FAVORITE holiday
  • My 5 Year Anniversary to my favorite hubby (ok, I only have one, good thing he's my fave)
  • 4 days off in a row! Sweet bliss . . . this means setting up Christmas decor, baking with my girls, and of course Stamping!!!!!
  • And there is a cool front that is supposed to be coming in . . . we may actually get to enjoy some hot cocoa here - yay!
Here are some recent projects:
Now 14 days ago our newest bunnies looked like this:
Today, they look like this:
From Left to Right, let me introduce you to
Acorn, Pipkin, Willow (very small brown blob between Pipkin & Thistle), Thistle (the teenager)
and in the back is Mama Dandelion.
They are so cute. I've been more active in holding these guys so they are pretty friendly already with us. Thistle is still pretty skiddish, but getting better.
Acorn is the darker medium sized bunny. This one is a complete snuggly bunny.
Pipkin is our little chunkers. He is quite a bit larger than the other two.
Willow is the tiniest and oh so sweet.

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