Thursday, October 4, 2007

So very sad . . .

Today when Bryan got home from work, the bunny in the picture that I posted yesterday was dead. He was just getting his coat and hopping so cute.
Then I went out tonight and another little one was dead - this one was in the hutch.

We found one other kit (that's what babies are called). This one looks healthier than the other two combined. And it's bigger.

I only hope that because I had to go inside the hutch to get the one dead kit that Dandelion won't reject the one that is left.

I cannot begin to say how sad I am . . . and I cannot imagine how sad Dandelion is.
I love rabbits so much and really respect that they are not cuddly animals. I hope this last little one makes it.

It looks like it will be a dark grey bunny based on the fur that it has so far.
I think we will call it - Thistle - if it makes it . . . another name from "Watership Down".

Tami :(

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