Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Creative Husband and Baby Bunny Thistle Pics

Okay, so I have a very creative husband. He whittles (yes actually whittles wood), paints, sculpts, wood works, crochets & knits (yes, really - and he's very, very good!). So last week his project was a Halloween Calendar for the girls.

Oh, and Zoe spilled her cup on her (it was not another kind of accident ;} ). The other shadow at the bottom is Bryan's head.

And while I was feeding the rabbits, Dandelion seemed to be in a good mood, so I got some pics of the bunny, Thistle . . . who we thought would be grey, but it turns out that it (we still have no idea if it's male or female) will look just like dad, Fiver.

UBER CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! Look at it's tiny tail . . . "couldn't you just die" (you know the movie)

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