Monday, December 14, 2009

Signs of the Season

This past spring we planted a baby Bradford Pear and then had one of the hottest summers ever. We struggled all summer with making sure he got enough water to survive. Well he made it and now after our first freeze he has turned the most beautiful shades of orange.

My husband is a crafty guy! I love watching him create. Here are a few things he has done over the past couple of years. Our collection gets bigger every year. If you go back to my December post in the beginning of the blog you will see where he built the reindeer.

First up, a wreath he made for the front door:

Next up is this beautiful, amazing sled he created this year. He built the whole thing himself and then painted it - this picture does not do it justice - it really is spectacular!!!!

The scene on the back of the sled:

Here are the first two reindeer that sit in front of the sled. I'll have to ask Bryan their names:

The next two:

The two after that:

We seem to be missing one here - he must be in "Santa's workshop" for repairs:

And finally, at the front of the team is, of course, Rudolph:

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