Monday, May 26, 2008

Girl's Room redesign

When we first bought the girls their new beds 2 years ago, we told them that when Tobi turned 5 we would make them bunk beds. Well, she's five and we finally made the time to put their beds into bunk beds. Here are some pictures of the re-design:

This is the girls sitting on their beds.

Here is me just panning around the room:

More panning:

And here is Tobi, right after I tucked her in for the night - she is thrilled and said she feels like a pirate! Man I love them. And Bryan worked so hard on helping to get everything in order for their room to be beautiful!!!

1 comment:

AutumnLynn said...

I love the colors of the room. With the bunk beds, it seems to give them so much more play room.