Friday, February 29, 2008

It's been a while . . . I know . . .

I know I should have updated eons ago, but oh well, here's the latest news.

Bryan's contract ended on Friday, February 15 and thankfully he took my advice and started looking for a job before his contract ended and so by Monday, February 18 he had a "full-time job" (not a contract that we'll have to stress about in 3 months) that he started. It's perfect. He works right around the corner on Randolph Air Force Base.

Tobi turns 5 in two weeks. How crazy is that!!! She wants a 'Cowgirl Party' so we are having her birthday party here at our house. I called a lady who has a petting zoo and Pony ride and so that is Tobi's present from us. Since the party is for a girl they are going to put a bow and glitter in the pony's mane. She is also going to bring a petting zoo and set it up in our backyard! Cute!!! There are going to be a pygmie goat, a goose, a llama, and a sheep I think. This lady is supposed to be awesome, she even does face painting. Tobi has no idea and will be so surprised.

Recently at school Tobi had Cowboy day. Here is a picture of her on cowboy day.

Then she had a bike rodeo and she did such a good job. Look how cute she is.

This past weekend the girls were invited to a birthday party for a friend. It was a princess dress up party and carriage ride through downtown. The girls had such a good time.

More later!!!

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AutumnLynn said...

I can't believe how much Tobi is changing!! She's going to be 5! Are you ready for that? I love the picture of Tobi and Zoe on the carriage ride. have you made some pages lately? How did the 1/2 marathon go?

Miss you!!