Thursday, September 27, 2007

Watership Down

Watership Down is one of Bryan's favorite books.
When my mom found the rabbits, I wanted to name them 'Peter' & 'Penelope' but Bryan insisted on Fiver (the brown one) and Dandelion (the white one) - names he got from the book.
In this book the rabbits have a whole language which Bryan now jokes that since I do not know I will never be accepted by the bunnies.
Really . . . who knows what silpat means? :)

Are they not adorable. We love having these bunnies. Bryan did an amazing job of building the rabbit hutch and run. He even shingled the top of it. We are going to paint the outside of it a green color so that when the yard is landscaped we will incorporate it in to our landscape and it won't be so "here's our yard and yes we have a rabbit hutch." Hopefully it will look a little natural. I also have to find out what kinds of plants rabbits do not like so I don't plant them close.
Fiver (the brown one) is very camera shy. This is the only picture where he wouldn't turn his back on me.


AutumnLynn said...

They are soooo cute!!! How are the girls with them?

Tami said...

Zoe loves them and Tobi is indifferent.